T-minus 15 days until the wedding.

Want some perspective on that? Fifteen days ago was when I went to Hiawatha to visit Dan. It was also the one-month-out mark. Just thinking about that gives me butterflies in my stomach!

Despite all of the chaos associated with last-minute planning, I am truly, deeply excited about the wedding and marriage. I don’t have illusions that the wedding will be perfect or without a single hitch. In fact, I’m preparing myself for a few snafus. That way, I can let any glitches roll off my shoulders and focus on what will truly matter on July 16: officially joining my life with Dan’s.

But, just because I’m trying to be laid back, it doesn’t mean I’m not preparing! Here are a few of the tasks I should face within the next two weeks…

Two-Week Countdown

  • MEET WITH THE PASTOR. This is the top priority for Dan and me right now, as we need to figure out exactly what vows and readings we will do at the ceremony.
  • Meet with the organist. After meeting with the pastor, Dan and I will then have to meet with the organist about the ceremony music. I don’t plan on anything over the top, but I still want to know what to expect.
  • Get wedding bands engraved. Fortunately, our jeweler only requires one hour to do the engravings, so we aren’t too concerned about it. However, I don’t want to hold off for too long!
  • Finalize day-of schedule. I worked on this with my mom and sister last week, but there is a lot to coordinate!
  • Get haircut, eyebrows, etc. I don’t want to show up on the wedding day with a puffy face, so I need to take care of a few cosmetic things ahead of time.
  • Finalize guest count. Only one way to explain this: R.S.V.P. We already paid the postage, just let us know if you are coming!
  • Work on seating chart and cards. Much of this goes along with the guest count, but we have begun placing people at certain tables. I’m sure this will change around within the days leading up to the wedding!
  • Print direction cards for the ceremony. I want to have directions available for guests at the ceremony, because the reception is about 20 minutes away.

The good news is that I got a few more things checked off the list today. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

First, I spent some time writing out thank-you notes to friends who have already sent gifts. That way, I won’t feel too overwhelmed after getting back from the honeymoon!

I also got gifts packaged up for my bridesmaids. Although I don’t want to ruin the surprise for my girls, I don’t think showing the cute boxes is going to hurt!

Dan and I also crossed a big thing off the list today: We finalized the honeymoon plans!

We had the major parts worked out for a while, but death is in the details. Now we are all ready to go!

Dan and I both took a break from wedding-related tasks for a while this afternoon to meet up with my dad, who was driving through town, for an early bird dinner at Wheatfields.

I wasn’t too hungry, so I stuck with a side salad (<beets) and a mini-quiche with roasted red peppers and green onions.

The early dinner worked out well for me on the basis of a couple of reasons: First, I got to spend time with my dad. Second, I was able to get hom and get ready for my friend Rebecca’s bridal shower!

Funny thing is, this was the first bridal shower I’ve ever been to that wasn’t for me. Is that weird or what? The same concept will apply when I go to her actual wedding in August…

Anyway, I was pretty excited to celebrate with another bride-to-be.

The hostess of the shower put together a great looking spread of treats for the guests to munch on. I especially loved the cupcake tower!

Once all the other girls arrived, we spent some time chatting before Rebecca got down to the business of opening her gifts. It was really nice getting to meet some of the other girls who will be at the wedding and also for getting to celebrate with Rebecca — we can relate on lots of things!

Once the party wound down, I headed back home to see Dan. As usual, he greeted me with gifts…. Which, I should mention, were actually wedding gifts that came in from friends and family.

After a while, we started feeling restless and slightly hungry. What to do? What to do? With a bit of contemplation, we decided to walk up to the nearest Sonic, which is about two miles away.

Slightly warm from our humid walk, the cool ice cream really hit the spot! I went with a small Oreo-blast concrete, which ended up being too much for me.

After wolfing down savoring our smoothies, Dan and I headed back home to spend the remainder of the night in the air conditioning.

Tomorrow we have another free day, so we plan on checking a few more things off the list… Such as getting our rings engraved!

Question: What’s your favorite national-chain ice cream place?

On the walk back, Dan and I decided that Dairy Queen is our favorite for ice cream selection. However, my all-time favorite ice cream place is a local chain in Ohio called Graeters. Love, love, love.


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