Wedding gifts

At some point (preferably within the next nine days), Dan and I are going to sit down and write out our vows.

Based on my own brainstorming, I’m sure the words “love,” “appreciate” and “respect” will get thrown in there a few times. But, you know, that’s just a guess.

What I do know is that those words will come straight from my heart. Although the vows will be my own modest attempt at expressing the love that I feel, they will be true and sincere.

Even now, I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about standing at the altar, looking into Dan’s eyes and trying to tell him all that I feel.

But enough of that cheesiness…

On this day, our gifts to each other were a little more lighthearted and casual — no white dress or tux involved. That is because, today, we jumped the gun and gave each other our wedding gifts.

We debated on when we would exchange gifts for a while, because there was no way we could do it on the day of the wedding and no time to do it afterward. Instead, we decided that the sentiment of a wedding gift could still apply 10 days out!

Dan gave his gifts to me first. The first thing I saw was a runner’s log by Runner’s World, which is a 365-day tracker for distances and times. It also offers inspirational quotes and running tips. I just hope that Dan’s willing to reinvest in a running log for me each year after this, because I’m already in love with it.

Then I flipped through a few pages to find my other gift: The 13.1 sticker I’ve been lusting after since October.

We promptly went down to my car to put it on…

Even thought that meant separating with my high school cross-country sticker…

However, I think it was worth it…

Because now I get to look super legit.

Once the sticker was in place and Dan and I went back to the apartment, it was time for him to unveil his gift from me: One of our engagement pictures printed on canvas!

I have to admit, it is really a gift to him that both of us can enjoy!

Now there is just one less thing on the to-do list before the wedding… Gonna’ write those vows sooner or later!

Questions: If you aren’t married, do you plan to write your own vows? If you are married, did you exchange gifts with your spouse?


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