April 29, 1989

When I was growing up, I remember going down to the basement, unzipping a large garment bag and peeking at my mom’s wedding dress. Although the dress wasn’t quite my style, it still possessed some kind of magical power…

That was the dress that my mom was wearing when my parents were married. That dress was practically responsible for my existence. That was the kind of dress I hoped to wear some day.

When I was particularly in the wedding mood, I would zip the garment bag back up, head upstairs and pull out my parents’ wedding album. Even at the time, their wedding seemed slightly dated, yet it was enchanting…

Simply by looking at the photographs, I could tell that was the kind of love I wanted to feel on my own wedding day.

When I was home recently, I flipped back through that album and felt exactly the same way. Except, now I have a new perspective on what all goes into a wedding!

Here’s a glimpse back at what April 29, 1989 looked like…

My parents were actually married in a small chapel on the University of Kansas campus — I walk by it daily during the school year!

My mom’s dress was straight out of the ’80s with puffy sleeves. Yet, she managed to make it look incredible.

For the intimate ceremony, my parents’ families came from around the country. I now understand just how big of a task that is!

I love looking back at the friends and family in my parents’ bridal party who I have grown up calling “Aunt” or “Uncle.”

But I particularly love looking at my parents who are glowing — and not just because of the April sun.

After the ceremony in Lawrence, the party packed up and headed over to Kansas City (but not before making a stop by The Wheel, a popular college bar just off the campus). At another small bar in Kansas City, the festivities continues with dancing…

And the requisite cake!

Fast-forwarding to 22 years later and my parents still show me just what love is. That is what I hope for in marriage.

Questions: Do you have any funny observations from your parents’ wedding pictures? What lessons have you learned from parents or family friends about marriage?


7 responses to “April 29, 1989

  • Gen

    Aaaw how sweet!! I love looking at my parents’ wedding pictures. The funniest thing is my dad wore an all-white tux, and it was an outdoor wedding, so he sorta stood out. 😛

  • Jess

    I love those pictures. You are right, you can tell how happy they are (and your mom looks just like you!)

  • Joanne

    Emily, I thought I was so stylish at my wedding. I guess it was the ’80’s dress. We are all so excited for your big day. It’s almost here. Love, Mom

  • truepenny

    So sweet! Your Mom looks great – I love the length of the dress. I’m getting married in August, and am so sad my Mom didn’t keep her own ’80s wedding dress! My parents pictures are cute though…my dad has a ‘fro and a killer ‘stache! Haha.

  • Sara @ the foodie diaries

    I love looking at pictures of my parents from their wedding day! My mom looked ridiculous in my opinion 😉 but her and my dad were so obviously in love. It gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll find a love like that 🙂

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