Wedding dreams

The madness continues.

Lately, it seems as if my days have been totally consumed by wedding-related tasks. Take today for example…

After lunch, Dan and I drove to his hometown to meet with our pastor and to finalize the wedding vows. Then, headed back to Lawrence to work on a few more details, including talking with the organist and working on more crafts.

(Pretty pic, eh?)

If I’m not stamping little brown bags…

Then I’m stamping signs for the tables.

I would say that I could stamp in my sleep, but that’s not true. In fact, for the past few months my sleeping time has been dominated by the wedding — only it’s with nightmares, not dreams.

A few nights back, I dreamt that I was there for the ceremony and everything, but then I got pulled away from the reception. Before I knew it, the reception was over and I had to ask my mom who actually came!

A few weeks before that, I dreamt that it was the night before the wedding and I realized I hadn’t really done anything that I wanted to. On top of that, someone decided it would be ok to have a joint ceremony with another couple going RIGHT before Dan and I said our vows.

Before that, I had a dream that no one was really caring about my wedding. I actually had to call my mom right before the ceremony to see if she was coming. Then, she informed me that she was showing a house (she’s a realtor) and was going to try to make it.

I even have dreams about wedding-related activities: The other day, I dreamt that Dan was late to the food tasting and when he finally showed up he was wearing a bright, yellow sweatband around his forehead.

I guess the only advantage to all these crazy dreams is that my actual wedding will be perfect in comparison!

I think they key to surviving it all is allowing myself to step back from wedding madness every now and then. Tonight, Dan was off at the Royals game in Kansas City for his bachelor’s party, which gave me some time to kill.

So, I did what any ordinary girl would do: Went on a run. Then, I showered up and went shopping for some honeymoon clothing.

I finished the night off with some “Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress” and a bowl o’ Moose Tracks. It was i-d-e-a-l.

Plus, when I started missing Dan, all I had to do was gaze across the room…

Now, here’s to a good night — and calm, non-wedding dreams!

Questions: What was your most vivid dream? When you have a big event coming up, does it creep into your dreams?


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