Since we’ve been gone

Hi, friends! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for a while.

I was pretty busy, you know…

First of all, I got married.

Rather, we got married.

(It was — without exaggeration — the most incredible day ever. But, I can’t begin to do it justice now and am waiting on better pictures from the photographer.)

Then we took off for Miami and boarded a cruise for the Bahamas.

There, we had fun in the sun.

And ate a healthy feast of good food.

Finally, we spent two more days in Miami soaking up the rays.

Now, we are back home in Kansas with mountains of gifts and piles of cards that are sure to provide us with happiness.

In total honesty, though, the best gift in the world is being able to sit amidst it all with the man I can now call “my husband.”


5 responses to “Since we’ve been gone

  • mrsdiva7911

    Hi Emily!
    Congratulations on your wedding! I got married a week before you (July 9) and just relocated to Lawrence to be with my new husband. Have fun going through the piles of cards and gifts. We just finished doing that, using gift cards, making exchanges (we got 5 of the exact same beverage dispenser!) and finding homes for the new stuff. I pray you have a happy and long-lasting marriage, Love the blog…Lawrence is a cool little town! :0)

  • barneymccoy

    Welcome home Emily and Dan….We’re thrilled that your honeymoon was grand. -Love Dad

  • Joanne

    Welcome home Mr and Mrs Glover. The wedding was truly magnificent and it sounds like the honeymoon was divine. Love, Mom

  • christinaorso

    you look gorgeous in your wedding dress!! congratulations!

  • Jess

    CONGRATULATIONS!! so happy for y’all ❤

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