Honeymoon, Part I

It’s funny how quickly you can grow used to new surroundings.

I remember thinking that last summer when I awoke to red-roofed houses and distant view of the Alps.

The same became true last week as I grew accustomed to the gentle sway of a cruise ship and the crash of ocean waves. But, of course, those were just the mornings… And there was much, much more to our honeymoon than “just the mornings.”

The trip started off the way that any good one honeymoon should: in a bedroom.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized the view outside of the window was actually pretty nice.

That would be the University of Kansas campus. I know… It’s not like I see it enough.

It was a treat, however, because Dan and I got to stay in the Oread, which is a new, beautiful hotel right off of campus territory.

We didn’t get much time to enjoy it all, before Dan and I headed off to Kansas City. (Crazy honeymoon, right?) There, we caught a flight to Ft. Lauderdale and took the easy ride over to Miami.

After settling into our sky-scraping hotel…

Dan and I went back out to discover what Will Smith was raving about.

While we were out, we had an underwhelming dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. The most exciting culinary experience of the night came later, when we went back to the hotel to find some chocolate-dipped strawberries.

And you know what they say about dark chocolate, right? (cough, aphrodisiac, cough)

So… Fast-forwarding to the next day. After an easy breakfast in the hotel lobby, Dan and I took a cab ride across town to board our temporary home.

Because the past few months of wedding planning have been kind of hectic, we just wanted a simple, easy honeymoon — with a lot of activity built-in! For that reason, a cruise seemed like a natural choice. After some searching, we decided upon a four-day cruise through the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky.

The staterooms were still being prepared when we boarded the ship, so it gave us the chance to explore the ship.

Before too long, however, the doors opened and we got into our own room.

Complete with a balcony…

And, within a few hours, a really, really great view.

Be back tomorrow with more!

Note: Posts will be designated for “staying active on vacation” and “tastes of the Bahamas.”


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