Honeymoon, Part III

When Dan and I got off the cruise ship, the trip was still two sweaty days from over. That’s because we decided to extend the honeymoon by staying in Miami!

Now, neither Dan nor I knew much of anything about Miami. So, we basically went with the travel guides and booked Cadet Hotel, which is a “boutique hotel,” in South Beach.

Just two blocks from the beach and two blocks from shopping, the location was great. What I enjoyed even more, however, was the charm.

There was a open-air patio…

A vintage-inspired, outdoors breakfast area…

And — get this — not just free internet, but access to a laptop!

Even better, while hanging out on the hotel grounds, it was easy to forget that downtown Miami was just on the other side of the road.

Dan and I were also welcomed to our room with a complimentary plate of fresh fruit.

The only concern I have is about whether the housekeepers are dyslexic or not…

Here’s the truth of the whole, whole matter: I am so glad that our hotel was nice because I disliked the rest of Miami.

A few observations from out and about town…

  1. I wore my high-heeled wedges more while I was in Miami than in the past year. Something about being in a crowd of low-cut tops and high-cut bikinis makes 4-inch heels seem “casual.”
  2. Everything is based on gratuity, so servers had no incentive to be nice. Therefore, they simply weren’t.
  3. If it wasn’t loud and dirty… You weren’t in Miami.
  4. I just don’t understand how or why standard guacamole should cost $10.

As mentioned, the good news is that the hotel room was clean, moderately quiet and cool. Other than the beach, that’s where we spent most of our time.

By the day we were supposed to go home, I was really pretty ready and excited to be back in Kansas with Dan… and our mounting pile of wedding gifts!

Questions: Have you ever been to a city that you simply didn’t like? What is your favorite city to visit?


  • Part I and Part II of Honeymoon series.
  • Separate posts will be dedicated to eating and exercising on vacation.
  • Thanks to the best photographer ever, my wedding pictures are in so stay tuned for recap posts. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse.

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