Wedding: Final Preparations

After months of anticipation, my family finally descended upon Lawrence two days before the wedding.

My mom and sister were the first to town. I could barely contain my excitement when my sister got to the apartment and ended up promptly shoving a “bridal survival” kit in her hand.

Inside the bag was a folding comb/mirror, a packet of tissues, mouthwash and hand lotion. It was super simple to put together, but all the bridesmaids got a big kick out of it. Better yet, I saw many of the items come into use throughout the weekend — especially the Kleenex, but more on that later.

After saying our initial greetings, my mom, sister and I got down to business. Even though I felt a sense of calm with having them in town, there were still a lot of very important items on our to-do lists… Such as getting manicures and pedicures.

Even though we looked happy in this picture, the nail salon’s air conditioning was out and we were slightly uncomfortable in the 105 degree heat. Still, we kept focused on the task at hand and followed through with the mani-pedis.

Considering that my wedding was themed around sunflowers, I found it joyfully coincidental that I choose the “Sunflower Package” for my pedicure. I also went with a simple French manicure for my nails.

I swear, my nail technician didn’t say anything the whole time except for one time when she commented on how short my nails are. (I know, thankyouverymuch.)

After sweltering for the sake of beauty, we headed down to Mass Street to cool down with frozen yogurt. Seriously, is that or is that not the cure for everything?

Then, it was over to the hotel where my extended family was beginning to congregate. Amazingly, all of my aunts, uncles and cousins made the journey to Kansas for the wedding weekend — and that’s saying something, considering my mom’s the youngest of eight.

Although I loved catching up with family in the hotel lobby, I was pretty motivated to get them on-board for dinner. Before that point, my diet for the day had basically consisted of spoonfuls of peanut butter. I also wanted to introduce the Lawrence tourists to the culinary wonder that is Esquina.

Note: Dan made himself scarce when my mom, sister and I were talking about nail styles. Then, he headed over to his family’s home to have dinner with some of his extended family. He met back up with us later in the night.

After dinner, Marian and I continued showing off Lawrence to our cousins.

Fun fact: The one and only time most of my extended family had been to Lawrence was for my parents’ wedding back in 1989. Suffice it to say, most of my cousins didn’t remember the experience.

The night ended over at an Irish pub. After losing one bitterly competitive game of pool, Dan and I decided to turn in the towel and head back home for one last night before the real chaos ensued…

Notes: Check back the rest of this week for wedding recap posts!


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