Wedding: Morning Preparations

Leading up to the wedding, I anticipated being pretty anxious on the day-of.

Yet, when I woke up on the morning of July 16, I was cool, calm, collected — and happy to find a sweet note from one of my bridesmaids.

Then, before any chaos had the chance to set in, I took some time to go on a run. For 30 minutes, it was just me, the road and my thoughts. Although it didn’t take too long, it was the one time that day when I was really able to reflect and emotionally prepare myself for the wedding.

When I got back, my bridesmaids who stayed at my house were stirring. I ran through the shower and was ready to go by the time the girls woke up. Shortly after that, the hairdressers arrived and the day was officially rolling.

I got into the bridal mood by slipping on my new tank top. (My sister had a “maid of honor” shirt and the rest of the girls had “bridesmaids” shirts!)

The rest of my bridesmaids got over to the house in time for the next rotation with the hairdressers.

While some of the girls were getting curled and hair sprayed, I headed over to my apartment complex conference room. There, a whole group of my girl friends, aunts and cousins gathered for an informal bridal brunch.

It was great to be off a tight schedule for a while and to just catch up with some friends — including one of my best friends from Ohio who flew in for the wedding.

It also gave me the chance to eat. I don’t know how many stories I’ve heard about brides who got so caught up in the schedule that they forgot to eat all day and ended up getting dizzy.

Don’t worry, it was that plate x 2!

The brunch also gave us the chance to finish up on some of the final details. It was definitely crunch time, but it didn’t feel crunched, you know?

After that, it was back to the apartment to run the dishwasher, turn off the lights, grab the necessities and head out to the church. It was only slightly stressful to know I wasn’t going to be back until 10 days and one wedding later.

At the church, I settled down to get my hair done. I ended up deciding on an up-do and the hair stylist was able to execute it perfectly.

At the same time, one of my bridesmaids, Katie, got going on the girls’ makeup.

Meanwhile, the rest of us decompressed, chatted and had a fun time.

Once my hair was done, I moved a few chairs over so that Dan’s mom could get going on my makeup.

She did a wonderful job and I ended up with the “easy-breezy” style I was aiming for.

Then, it seemed all that was left to do was step into my dress…

To be continued…

Questions: Have you ever been to a “bridal brunch”? If you’re married, what did you do to calm down before the wedding?


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