Wedding: The Men

When it comes to wedding planning, I think most people accept that all opinion’s are not equal. In other words, what the bride says goes.

That was never my goal when it came to my wedding. Throughout the whole process, Dan was a great partner. Although I probably did more of the “field work” of meeting with the vendors, he was always supportive and interested. Every action he took just served to further reaffirm my love for him…

A similar concept applied to the wedding day: It wasn’t just my day. It was our day.

Because I wanted to remain sequestered from Dan before the ceremony, he spent the morning with his groomsmen. After a breakfast brunch at IHOP, they cleaned up and headed over to the church.

Around the time they were set to arrive, I had scouts constantly watching out for them, so I never had an accidental encounter with my groom-to-be. Fortunately, we evaded each other and Dan and his men were able to make it down to their own dressing room.

Apparently it didn’t take him and his groomsmen quite as long to get coiffed and dressed, so they had a lot of time to relax…

And goof around a bit.

I also heard rumors that they got so bored for a while, they started watching “Pocahontas” on the kid’s room TV.

But, before too long, it was back to business.

For the record, Dan’s mom was seriously busy. She managed to do my makeup, spend time with the boys and look beautiful!

Dan’s dad was also there for moral support.

After making it through the ceremony and finally being able to breathe, they guys met back up outside for pictures.

Dan really managed to surround himself by a great group of guys on the wedding day. Among the groomsmen were three of Dan’s high school friends and three college friends…

Plus one really adorable ring bearer.


  • All pictures by the incredible Brandi Tanksley.
  • Complete series of wedding recaps available on the wedding page.
  • Check back in later for a new recipe!

One response to “Wedding: The Men

  • Joanne

    Great looking men all… plus your handsome dad, all your boy cousins, your uncles, and especially grandad Lohr. You are one lucky lady to be surrounded by so many wonderful men who love you: Number one being Dan Glover.

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