Wedding: Bridesmaids

For someone who can be so particular about grammar, there is one error that I will admit to: I use the word “best” in reference to more than one girl friend.

That is because all of my “best friends” are truly the best friends I could ever imagine. Each one of them means so much to me in their own ways. That is also why I couldn’t imagine my wedding day without all of them near my side.

The group consisted of six amazing women. Four were friends from high school with whom I had endured seasons of cross-country and track. One was an incredible sister-in-law whom I’ve been so blessed in getting to know. One was my own baby sister by whom I am constantly inspired.

Throughout the months, weeks and days leading up to the wedding, all of the girls provided me with support. They served as soundboards for my ideas and my concerns. They also helped me keep everything in perspective.

On the day of the wedding, they went with the flow. They also managed to do everything I needed them to do before I even asked. It was kind of eerie.

Although I don’t think any of us could escape the reality that someone from the group was getting married and we were all really growing up, the girls kept the day fun.

For as long as I live, I’ll always remember the way they looked in their cute green dresses. I’ll always remember the way they genuinely “ohhed” and “ahhed” when I put on my dress. I’ll remember the moment before the ceremony when we gathered and said a quick, meaningful prayer.

But, I’ll also remember the more lighthearted moments of the day, such as the ride to the church when Marian, Claire, Kristin and I sipped on our iced coffees and belted out Britney Spear’s “Lucky.” I’ll remember dancing out hearts out to Wilson Phillip’s “Hold On” at the reception. I’ll remember posing for our classic picture, “Does this look weird?”

I will remember and cherish those moments just as I’ll always cherish my friendships with these girls.

I’ll always be thankful that they were with me every step of the way — except, of course, those steps I took down the aisle with my dad and back up with my new husband…

To be continued.



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