First wedding

Today, I had the pleasure of going to my first wedding! You know, other than my own.

The lovely, lovely bride was my friend Rebecca, who I studied abroad with in Germany last summer. We were so attached at the hip that for the “awards” at the end of the term, our awards were something to the nature of “being the same person.”

But, don’t let that dampen your impression of Rebecca. She is seriously a sweetheart and so in love with her new husband. I remember one time that she and I basically ran around Berlin trying to find an internet cafe so we could shoot off messages to our boyfriends β€” who have since become our husbands!

The cutest thing about Rebecca and her husband, Cameron, is that they started dating way back in junior high. They are just perfect together and both very deserving of that love.

For those reasons, it was my honor to attend their wedding.

The ceremony was at a large church in town. All the space was necessary, considering that both Cameron and Rebecca grew up in Lawrence and had a lot of family and friends in attendance.

To start off the ceremony, Cameron ushered all four sets of his and Rebecca’s grandparents in. It was a sweet moment, but I especially loved trying to read Cameron’s face. I could tell he was ready for the real show!

Before too long, Cameron and the groomsmen assembled up front. Then, the bridesmaids began their walk. Finally, the doors shut and, in a dramatic moment, opened back up to reveal Rebecca and her father. I wanted to try to see Cameron’s reaction, but I couldn’t look away from Rebecca. So stunning!

The rest of the ceremony flowed really well. They are both heavily involved in the church’s youth group, so the pastor had a lot of personal, complimentary things to say about them. I also loved seeing the cute glances that Rebecca and Cameron kept shooting each other.

As per the program, the ceremony finished with the benediction and pronouncement of the newly married couple. Then it was time to move the party across town!

The first thing I noticed upon arriving at the reception was the amazingly decorated cake.

Rebecca’s theme for everything from the invitations to the flower girls’ hair pieces was blue butterflies, so the cake was very fitting. As I later learned, it was also pretty delicious.

The bridal party stayed at the church to do pictures after the ceremony, but they made it to the reception in time for a choreographed entrance dance and the start of dinner, which was actually prepared by friends and family of the couple.

Then, the couple got on the floor for the first dance.

It was such a fun day and a joy to share with the both of them. Even though, I must say, I preferred going first in the buffet line at my own wedding.

Questions: What do you like about being a wedding attendee? How many weddings would you estimate that you’ve been to?

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