Wedding: Special Moments

Even if the florist showed up with daisies instead of sunflowers…

Even if the cake tipped over and smashed on the floor…

Even if the audio went out on the first dance…

Everything would have still been incredible on my wedding day, because I got to marry Dan.

Although I was determined not to see Dan before the ceremony, it didn’t mean that we couldn’t communicate. On the morning leading up to the wedding, we exchanged a few texts. Even though the brief messages are usually hard to interpret — does that mean happy or sarcastic? — I think we both picked up on the excitement in each other’s words.

The most touching moment, however, came just about one hour before the ceremony. We decided we wanted to do a “behind the door” picture, which I first caught wind of from Julie’s blog. The basic premise was that we would stand on opposite sides of a door, totally hidden from each other’s sight. But, we would get to grasp hands and talk for a few moments.

Immediately upon touching hands, my racing heart began to calm. I couldn’t see him or kiss him, but I could feel in his touch and hear in his words that he was ready and excited.

Another special moment came just after the ceremony, when we went back to the library to share a few minutes alone.

By that time, the ceremony was over and we were both on adrenaline highs. I forget what we said, other than, “We’re married!” But, I do remember the connection I felt when looking into his eyes and knowing he was my husband.

After that, we signed the marriage license, made our official exit and looped back around the church for formal pictures with family and the bridal party. Once those shot all wrapped up, it was just Dan and me again.

By that time of the day, it was easily 104 degrees, but we weren’t in any rush. It was just nice to spend a few minutes together, taking pictures with our wonderful photographer.

And you can bet those smiles were all natural!

Looking back, I remember how cool it was to know that even though we were married, we were still the same people. I could count on always waking up with him by my side and having happy, fun days.

Eventually, we wrapped the pictures up, bustled my dress and drove on over to Lawrence to get the reception started. During the 20 minute drive, Dan and I pumped up the music and had our own little pre-dance party. It was the perfect way to jumpstart the rest of the perfect night…



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