Homeward Bound

After being stuck inside the humane society for nearly one month, Tracker seemed very eager to be outside in the fresh air.

But, it seems she went from 0 to 60 in three seconds flat: By the end of the day, she was all tuckered out. She walked right over to her new bed and laid down with her legs stretched out. I came over and put a little blanket over her. Immediately, she pulled her legs up so that she was all covered. Sweetest thing ever.

And, to answer the question, I am pretty obsessed. It seems that I am really turning into one of those slightly crazy dog people. Or I’m already there. Your call.

The next morning, I was up early to go out on a run with my mom. I wasn’t sure whether Tracker would want to go, but as soon as I moved toward the door she got all excited. Guess she’s just a runner!

When we got back, I rewarded her with a nearly finished jar of peanut butter.

Looks like she’s definitely my dog.

Unfortunately, Dan and I had to run out to take care of some errands around town. Thankfully, my sister was willing to doggy sit while we were away. Afterward, we rewarded both of their good behaviors with lunch at the soon-to-close The Cup.

The restaurant is one of my favorites in town, but the owner’s decided to focus on her cake business. I would be pretty upset, but I can understand. The cake is pretty dang delicious.

Today, Dan and I split a raspberry lemonade cupcake. It was the perfect combination of sweet + tang.

Of course, that came after I had half of a hummus and veggie sandwich with a spring salad on the side.

Although I’m a sucker for hummus, the very best part of this sandwich are the thin, sautéed potatoes. It makes it seem like a guilty pleasure, but I tell myself it’s all right to still follow-up with a cupcake.

Tracker approved.

Then she got a little embarrassed of all the pictures.

(“Mom, please!”)

After getting back to my parents’ house, we packed everything up, got Tracker situated and hit the road back to Lawrence. I would have loved to stay in Nebraska longer, but summer days are waning!

Not only did Tracker have to deal with the long car ride, but she had to share the back seat with a large nightstand that Dan and I were bringing back. She managed to make the space work.

Back home and unpacked, Dan and I treated Tracker to her first bath — with us, at least.

I could tell she wasn’t too happy, but she stayed really well behave. I swear, she’s like the perfect dog.

After bathtime, Track was allowed to join Dan in the cheetah chair.

I mean, I don’t even get those kinds of privileges!


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