Rogers House B&B

When my family first moved to Nebraska from Ohio in 2006, our house wasn’t quite ready. Yet, my dad had to work and my sister and I couldn’t convince my mom to let us out of school. So, we had to find somewhere to live in the interim.

After looking into a few options, my mom discovered the Rogers House Bed and Breakfast in Lincoln. She got in touch with the owner and worked out a deal for us to stay there for the month that we spent waiting on our new house.

For my sister and me, it was one of the best and most frustrating months of our lives. We loved exploring to old house and reading the entry books that previous guests had filled out. However, we also got a little stir-crazy and went for each other’s throats on a few occasions.

In the end, we survived long enough to make it into our new house. Now, we look back fondly on our times in the old house and continue to maintain a relationship with the B&B’s owner, Nora.

That’s why it was so sweet when, as a wedding gifts, Nora offered to let Dan and me spend one night back in the bed and breakfast free of charge. I loved getting to show him around my old temporary home!

This time, though, our room was a little more luxurious.

Not only did we have a full bedroom…

Or a full bedroom and huge bathroom…

But also a full breakfast room!

It was nice to get a night in a real bed rather than a blow-up mattress at my parents’ house. But, the real highlight of our time at the Rogers House was the breakfast half of B&B.

It started off simply enough with some fruit and yogurt.

Then came the best muffins.

Seriously, these muffins have been things of legend ever since we stayed at the Rogers House.

As part of our deal, we didn’t get breakfast every day. On the weekends, though, the housekeeper would treat my sister and me to a full breakfast of eggs, fruit and her homemade raspberry + white chocolate muffins. We swooned over them, but I’ve never been able to recreate the magic. That’s why they’re still such special treats!

It’s also funny to think of how far my sister and I have come since living in the Rogers House. Whereas I would have greedily hogged the muffins from her a few years ago, I actually brought one of my two muffins home for her. Looks like we’re growing up!

In other news, Tracker’s had another big day back home. First up, we took her on a trip to the vet. I don’t think she loved the rabies vaccine, but she did enjoy the car ride.

After that, she got to meet her “Uncle” Chauncey. She barely paid attention to him, but he was totally submissive and enamored. It was kind of funny, considering Chauncey is usually a ball of energy!

Now, we’re back home and having another crazy night.

Questions: Do you prefer hotels or bed and breakfasts? Have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast?

3 responses to “Rogers House B&B

  • Damommachef

    I would love to stay at this Bed and Breakfast! I have stayed at several Bed and Breakfasts, and I have had a great experience every time. I would rather stay and a good Bed and Breakfast than a hotel in many situations. Staying there is an experience in and of itself. But if I am going to sightsee, then staying at a hotel that is nearby is more convenient. Lots of times I see staying at hotels as just a place to sleep, not a destination in and of itself like many Bed and Breakfasts.

  • Joanne

    The Rogers House and Nora will forever be a part of our family! Lovely post Emily. But I wanted a muffin too 🙂 ~ mom

  • Amy Struthers

    Charlie and I were married at the Roger’s House! Charlie’s whole family stayed there, coming in from Virginia and taking over the entire house. We had so much fun — Nora is the best!

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