When I rushed…

In my mind, there is really only one university in Kansas: The University of Kansas.

However, if you want to get specific about it, there is also Kansas State University. And, against our best advice, that is where Dan’s sister is going to school. Nonetheless, we were all supportive of her making her own decision and put our Jayhawk allegiance aside to help Claire move in.

Today was the official move-in for all freshmen girls going through rush. Apparently that’s quite a big crowd, because traffic around campus was all jammed up! Fortunately, we found an alternate route through a neighborhood and made it to the dorm with plenty of time to help Claire unload.

The primary time-consuming task was just figuring out how to configure the desks, bed and drawers.

After a while, we got everything arranged well enough to move around and unpack. At that point, Dan and I made our exit so that Claire could spend some more time with her parents before the real chaos of rush begins. And, trust me, I know what that’s like…

Fun fact: I actually went all the way through rush and joined a sorority for two weeks

Back when I moved into a dorm my freshman year, I was one of four people from my high school at KU. Wanting to make some new connections, I figured that rush would be a good way to get involved.

With my sister and new roommate on move-in day. I lived in four-person suite, which had two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a large closet!

Throughout the week of identical question-and-answer sessions, I learned a lot about the sorority system at KU. I also got to know a ton of awesome girls from my dorm.

At the end of a whirlwind week, I had two of my three favorite sororities left. On bid night, I ended up with my top choice of them all. Better yet, one of my new best friends from across the hall was in the same sorority. We were elated.

But, then it seemed that all the shine came off. Suddenly, the sorority girls that I had related to so well through out rush, just wanted to drink and party. Even as a college student, it wasn’t exactly what I signed up for.

Still, my friend Stephanie and I held out for a few weeks. We went to the meeting and did everything we were supposed to do.

I just realized it wasn’t going to be “me.” So, after two weeks, Stephanie and I decided to quit the sorority.

It was the best decision for me and I ended up having a ton of fun with people in my dorm that year. Best of all, I was still able to act like my own goofy self.

I also found a lot of ways to get involved in campus, such as with the honors program and University Daily Kansan.

Still, I did make friends during that first week of rush and it was an experience I’ll never forget. I am actually good friends with many of the people I met that week, even if they went on to stay in their own sororities.

That’s because, in the beginning of college, it’s really just about putting yourself out there, trying new things and having fun. But, as I told Claire today, it’s also important to remember who you are.

Questions: Did you go through rush? Did you live in a dorm during college?


4 responses to “When I rushed…

  • Lucy Glover

    It meant so much to her for you to take time to be there. I am sure she will have lots of stories to tell us when this whirlwind is over.

  • katecooks

    at my college, rush happens spring semester. i think it’s kind of nice because it gives you a full semester to learn more about sororities and greek life in general. usually if you rush as a freshman, you genuinely are committed to being a part of one! but, i suppose it makes the experience much harder if it doesn’t work out the way you want.

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