Wedding: Reception

When the ceremony was over, the sunflower seeds were thrown and the formal picture were taken, it was time to head back to Lawrence and get the party started at Maceli’s Banquet Hall.

Because Dan and I took our pictures after the ceremony, we didn’t want the guests to get bored waiting at the reception. So, we invited them all over to the reception site for drinks, appetizers and some fun with photo frames.

Before too long, Dan and I made our grand entrance.

Right away, we took our seats at the head table and got the dinner started.

When everyone was through the buffet line, my dad got the speeches started. Unfortunately, the microphone cut out a bit. But, considering that was the only real “problem” of the evening, it was no big deal. Plus, my dad is a seasoned pro at public speeches.

My favorite line from his speech was, “To us, it’s not as if we are losing a daughter. It’s as if we’re gaining a… pharmaceutical expert. Isn’t that what every family needs?”

Then, Dan’s best man, Brock, gave his toast.

Finally, my sister stood up and gave her much-anticipated speech. She is a champion in high school speech tournaments and is incredibly eloquent. She also said that my mom was in tears listening to her practice…

Once she began speaking, I could understand why my mom was so touched. Marian’s speech was beautiful, funny and kind.

It was truly a highlight of the evening.

Another highlight came when Dan and I cut into the cake. I loved the selections of flavors, but my favorite was definitely the white chocolate + raspberry flavor of the actual cake.

(Sadly, I only got a few bites at the wedding. But there were leftovers when we returned from the honeymoon!)

Next, Dan and I popped open some bubbly.

Leading up to it, we joked about being careful so the cork didn’t hit anyone. Neither of us had ever opened champagne, so I was genuinely worried. That explains this look of sheer terror that our photographer captured when the cork shot out…

Fortunately, the cork just ricocheted off the ceiling. Crisis averted.

Another special moment came when Dan and I took the dance floor for “Keeper of the Stars” by Tracy Bird.

It was no accident me finding you
Someone had a hand in it
Long before we ever knew
Now I just can’t believe you’re in my life
Heaven’s smilin’ down on me
As I look at you tonight..

Then, Dan allowed my dad to step in for a dance of “My Girl.” Growing up, I made my dad play The Temptations CD over and over. After a while, he grew tired of the songs. Yet, “My Girl” has always remained one of our favorites.

He caught me off guard by spinning me a few times, but it was really fun.

The final dance before all the guests were invited to hit the floor was for Dan and his mom to “I Hope You Dance.”

I felt so proud standing off to the side and watching them. Not only did I marry a wonderful man, but I married into a wonderful family.

Then it was party-at-the-party time!

One of my main goals for the night was to get people out on the dance floor and having fun. I’d say that the mission was definitely accomplished. Dan and I actually stayed later than we planned because we were having so much fun!

Occasionally, we took a few breaks to catch our breaths and talk with friends and family.

There was also more frame fun had by all…

Finally, it was time for me to toss my bouquet to the single ladies. There was quite a group, so the competition was fierce.

Somehow my youngest cousin managed to catch it!

Now, if the superstition is really true then my whole family is in for a crazy ride. (No “15 and Married,” Amy!)

Eventually, the party began to die down and Dan and I decided to make our exit. The reception was as incredible as I could have imagined, but we had a week of honeymooning ahead of us and had to get our “rest.”



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