Wedding: The Details

The saying goes that, “The devil is in the details.” But, when it came to planning the wedding, the details were really my favorite. It was through the small details that Dan and I were able to express our individuality and make the wedding feel even more personal.

Here’s a look back at some of the little flourishes that really made the day special.

The Notes

Leading up to the wedding day, I set a few moments aside to write notes to my parents and to Dan. Before the ceremony, I hand-delivered the notes to my parents, telling them how much I loved them and how blessed I felt.

Because I didn’t want to see Dan before the ceremony, I had someone else bring the note to him. Afterward, he said it helped calm him.

The Vows

Dan and I agreed that we wanted to say traditional vows, but we also wanted to integrate our own words into the ceremony. We were able to work it out with the pastor so that Dan and I said both personal and traditional vows.

To me, it was one of the most touching moments of the ceremony. We were able to look into each others’ eyes and speak to each others’ hearts. I only cried a little…

The Flowers

What started as a simple decision to use sunflowers as the flowers for the wedding turned into a whole theme. Not only are they the state flowers of Kansas, but they are also a bit non-traditional and rustic. It just seemed fitting!

For my bouquet, the sunflowers were complemented by sprigs of lavender and some natural grasses. My florist also stuck a cute little pin inside one of the sunflowers for me to keep. It was really cute, but I got so caught up in everything that I forgot to take it out before throwing the bouquet.

The Guestbook

To go along with the sunflower theme, my sister and I created a large “sunflower” to serve as the guestbook. I asked two of my cousins to serve as the guestbook attendants, so they helped instruct people on how to write on the “petals” and then stick them back in.

Now, it serves as decoration inside our house rather than a forgotten memory at the bottom of a box.

The Sunflower Seed Toss

Dan’s mom was wonderful enough to sew 150 little bags for us to fill with sunflower seeds. Then, after the ceremony, my bridesmaids handed the bags out to guests. As Dan and I exited the church, everyone opened the bags and tossed the sunflower seeds at us.

The Bridesmaids’ Gifts

My bridesmaids were so truly incredible throughout the whole engagement that it was hard to find them befitting gifts. I decided to go with the moderately easy option of necklaces, but I made them a little more personalized with a pearl and peace sign charm.

They all wore the necklaces and matching pearl earrings for the ceremony. The hippy in me loved integrating peace signs, but, more importantly, I think the girls really liked them.

The Granola Bar

Most of my friends and family know that I kind of enjoy baking, but they don’t often get to enjoy the results. That’s why I decided to make granola for the wedding favors. As per my sister’s suggestion, we turned it into a whole “granola bar” at the reception. Guests were able to choose their granola type and add in various nuts, chocolate chips and dried fruits.

Making dozens of batches of granola in the days leading up to the wedding put me in a bit of a frenzy. However, the guests seemed to love it!

The Centerpieces

Dan and I love to travel and explore. To tie that in, I made little canvases with pictures of us in different cities. On the back of the canvases were brief descriptions of our visits to the towns. These also served to identify which tables people were assigned to sit at.

Once the reception got going, people ended up passing the canvases around to check out the different stories.

Spending time on the little details was tedious at times, but it certainly paid off in the end!

Question: What kind of fun details have you seen at different weddings?


Sue! Congrats!

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