Worth Talking About Wednesday

Lately, I’ve been redirecting the blog away from daily images of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead, I’m trying to focus more in ideas, recipes and other health related topics. By doing this, I hope to improve the quality of my posts while maintaining the quantity. Ambitious, I know…

I just hope you bear with me!

As part of this transition, I’m also instituting a new weekly segment called “Worth Talking About Wednesday.” Naturally, these posts will run on Wednesday and will look back on some of the things that I couldn’t get off my mind during the past week.

To kick this inaugural post off…

Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s is a Ohio original that I fell in love with while living near Columbus. Back in the day, I was known to order an “1870 Classic Sundae,” which was composed of a chocolate bundt cake, hot fudge, ice cream, homemade whipped cream, nuts and a cherry…

Sadly, upon moving from Ohio, I thought my Graeter’s days were done. That was until last year when my grocery store began carrying commercial pints. I knew I had to get my hands on some, but the price is pretty steep. Finally, they went on sale this week, so I stocked up!

(Hi, Tracker!)

“Irresistible” is really right! I love the creaminess of the ice cream, but it’s the huge chocolate chunks that really make me swoon. I just have to practice a little moderation to deal with the nutritional splurge.

Peas and Thank You Cookbook

I’ve been a Mama Pea devotee for a couple of years now, so I basically had to buy her new cookbook. Upon getting it in my hands, I was not disappointed — It is a home run!

And, I should know… I’ve already made, like, half of the recipes.

My favorite yet is the chocolate silk pie, which I adapted by using my own pie crust recipe and topped with strawberries.

Homegrown herbs

For what our garden lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Seriously, I love the convenience of picking fresh herbs from our balcony. I also take a little extra pride in growing part of my meals.

I just can’t wait until Dan and I have more land so that we can try our green thumbs on fruits and veggies!


This goes without saying, but does bear repeating: I love my dog.

It’s fun to learn more and more about her personality, although I could do with her being less of a chair hog. The sad thing is that we continue to reward her for goofy ways… Look at her jungle of toys!

Yes, that is a lion, an elephant and a giraffe.

Going Back to School

It is seriously the beginning of the end. I can’t belive that I am a senior in college!

Similar to last semester, I have a cushy little schedule of just Tuesday/Thursday class. That doesn’t mean I’m taking it easy: I technically have four jobs!

Wish me luck!

Question: What do you think is worth talking about this week?


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