First kickoff

Nothing like the first football game of the season, especially when you’re…

Calling those Hogs?

Really, my heart was a couple hundred miles northwest in Lawrence, Kansas.

See? Rock Chalk, forever!

Note: I don’t usually smile like that. I was just extra pleased with myself to cut off the “Ar” from my shirt to make it say “Kansas.”

Still, it was fun to experience my first football game at my mom’s alma mater — particularly since my sister’s considering going to the school.

Thankfully, both the Razorbacks and the Jayhawks came out on top in their first games of the season. I also got to learn what it’s like to hear a few thousand people squeal at the same time.

(Woo pig! Sooie!)

Valuable life experiences, people.

Be back with a more complete recap of the trip tomorrow!

Question: Are there any college rivalries in your house?

My dad went to Kansas (!!) and my mom went to Arkansas, but they don’t match up too much. Dan’s parents have it harder, because he goes to KU and his sister goes to Kansas State!


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