Call them Hogs!

I’m back in Lawrence, Kansas! I had an awesome weekend down in Arkansas with my parents and sister, but I’ve got to admit the homecoming committee (Dan and Tracker) is pretty good around here…

But, before I get to the end, I’ve got to start with the beginning.

On Friday morning, I hopped in the car with my family, said good-bye to Dan and Tracker and hit the road southeast for Fayetteville, Arkansas. The main objective for the trip was for my sister to tour the University of Arkansas, where my mom went to college.

Once we rolled into town a little after noon, the goal was finding something to eat, which is a challenge in a new town. Personally, I’m never too concerned about not knowing the town that well — I just don’t want to miss out on any extra delicious places.

That was definitely the case with this trip. There were so many cute, local places that we had trouble selecting one to go for lunch. Ultimately, we agreed upon the Little Bread Co., a hole-in-the-wall style place with an impressive menu.

I went with a California veggie sandwich, which had avocado, sprouts, tomato and a spinach-feta spread.

After lunch, we had to hurry over to campus so that my sister could begin her official tour. I was happy to go along in the first place, but even happier when I saw that they had free cookies. My sister and I ended up splitting this little razorback.

Then the show got on the road.

First up was an information session, which went over all the math and admissions stuff that I heard from different universities four years ago. There was also a lot of, “We’re kind of a big deal.” (<< direct quote from the admissions counselor.)

Then, the whole group of students and families split up into separate groups for walking tours of campus.

I was really impressed by the character of the campus as well as some of the new renovations.

In general, it was just a beautiful town. The rolling hills actually reminded me a lot of Lawrence!

The next day, we came back over to Fayetteville for the first football game of the season. Rather than tailgate near the field, we went to a home owned by one of my mom’s sorority sister’s for a little pre-game party. It was really a special occasion for them, because her husband was accepted into the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame and was being honored at halftime.

After a while, we made the hot hike over to the stadium and found our seats for the game. We didn’t have to wait too long for the game to start, but it sure was a sweaty wait. Arkansas is hot!

Once the game got going, it went pretty fast. Before we knew it, Arkansas was up against Missouri State 30-0 and it was halftime. It was also time for my mom’s friend Steve Cox to get honored on the field.

While at Arkansas, he set a few records as a punter for the football team that still stand. After graduating, he also went on to play in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins. On top of that, he and his wife are two of the sweetest people ever.

After watching the presentation, we cut out of the game. It was a great time, but it had been a long day leading up to it and we were all ready for a little break.

Final Observation

There is also a lot of Razorback pride down there, which I can understand in theory. However, I have trouble justifying a fan-base that snorts and squeals for its cheers.

And the fact that the team’s “tunnel walk” is out the snout of a hog? That’s a little strange, in my opinion.

Then again, my sister is entitled to her own opinions and I will be happy wherever she goes to college!

As long as it’s the University of Kansas.


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