What runs through my mind on a run

I’ve been pretty good about running this summer, despite the sweltering heat and my disdain for waking up before 9 a.m.

That being said, my run’s have been primarily of the 2-4 mile variety and my endurance is suffering as a result. So, when the temperature finally dipped below 70, I was all over a crazy intense 5K. (It’s better than two miles, right?)

To commemorate the exciting occasion, I decided to keep track of how I was feeling all along the way.

My Running Steam of Consciousness

Start: Wow, it really is cool out here? What is this, 70 degrees? Sixty degrees? I don’t even remember what anything below 90 degrees feels like to run in…

1:00: Why did I decide to live in an apartment that is literally in a valley? There is no frickin’ way around this hill! So much for an easy warm-up…

2:50: Slow down a little and I’ll have an excuse to catch my breath at the light…

3:00: Whew, all right. Stop the watch. That was just three minutes? 

7:15: I like this rhythm. And, am I going fast or is Tracker just pulling me really hard? 

7:30: I really want to have some sled dogs. I could teach them how to pull me to class in the winter. People would probably think I’m kind of crazy for yelling “slush,” though.

8:00: Ok, rhythm gone. This sucks again — and when did my allergies flare up? Can I have, like, one good run?

8:30: Did I say “slush” earlier? It’s definitely “mush.” Right?

10:13: This must be a downhill, because I’m actually breathing again. Why do I always notice uphills, but never downhills? 

14:00: I wonder what it’s like to live in a place that’s flat. Lawrence is so hilly! Why do people always think Kansas is flat? Well, I guess western Kansas is flat, but…

15:58: I remembered this hill being steep, but not this long and steep.

16:45: I will make it up this hill, I will make it up this hill!

18:39: will make it up this hill, I will make it up this hill!

19:58: Done! Did it seriously take me three minutes to run that hill? 

20:30: Another stop light? Oh, darn… Guess I’ll take a break.

23:00: Home stretch, here we go! Pick up the pace.

26:25: That “pick up the pace” was a little preemptive. 

27:15: Yes! The benefit of living in a valley is that I get to finish with a downhill! 

28:48: Done! Whew!

Question: What runs through your mind on a run?


One response to “What runs through my mind on a run

  • Gen

    Hahaha loved reading this! I definitely have some random thoughts while I’m running….add that to the music I listen to and I probably have a very strange internal monologue going on! 😀

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