Clinton Lake

I think that Dan and I both agree that Clinton Lake is one of our favorite places in Lawrence. Sadly, many KU students don’t even know about it, even though it’s just a 10 minute drive from campus.

Located at the western end of 23rd Street/Clinton Parkway, the lake is a destination for running, hiking, biking and strolling. With both paved and unpaved paths, the park is accessible all year — seriously.

The easiest path to follow is one that leads from a parking lot, down a hill and to the top of Sanders Mound.

Toward the end, it’s a little bit of a climb.

However, the view is worth it regardless of whether it’s winter…

Or summer…

Still, Dan and I often life to travel off the beaten path and discover some of the backwoods trails of the park at Clinton Lake. Once again, it’s gorgeous all throughout the year.

The park also holds special meaning for Dan and me. It was where Dan first asked me to be his girlfriend. It was where we went on countless picnics in the early days of our relationship. It was where we trained for our half-marathon and went on tons of bike rides…

It was where we escaped from school…

It was where we got some fresh air during cold winter months…

It was where we got our engagement pictures taken…

And, it was where we took Tracker on her first trail runs.

As I said, it’s definitely worth the trip!

— This concludes the public service announcement —

Question: What are your favorite places to be an in-town tourist?


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