Night with the boys

Friday night = Night with the guys.

Dan’s been trying to organize a poker night with some of his friends for a while, but it never worked until last night.

That meant (delicious, seasonal Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin) beer all around!

Three cheers!

I also made guacamole + chips and fresh chocolate chip cookies for the guys to enjoy.

Nice, right?

Yeah, then I went and took their money in poker.

There was a $5 buy-in and after a few hours of play, I still had $5.70. That was good enough for me, plus I wanted the guys to get some time for themselves. Tracker and I called it quits, but the guys continued to play into the night.

Now, though, we are up and at ’em!

Sort of.

Questions: Do you know how to play poker? Do you like to play poker?

My dad taught my sister and me how to play poker when we were young and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. I just don’t take it too seriously!


One response to “Night with the boys

  • christina

    Ahhh I just saw that Pumpkin ale in the grocery store and was sooooooo tempted to buy it. You’re sweet to make the boys food! 🙂 Nope, don’t know how to play poker. I actually suck at card games, haha

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