Worth Talking About Wednesday, 9/21

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday was extra, extra busy for me. I even wrote out a schedule detailing when I was going to and from classes, when I was eating my meals, when I was working and when I was working out (between 5:15-5:45).

Now, all that I want to do is sit down on the couch with Dan and Tracker and watch DVR’ed episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.”

But, that wouldn’t be fair for you guys, would it? Plus, I’ve spent a week racking up awesome things worth talking about.

Ta Ta Tamer

I’ve been on the hunt for a sports bra that is adequate for my — ahem — body type for a while now. Based on multiple sources, it seems like the best of the best is Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer. The only problem is that the bra costs $58.

I know. A bra that costs $58? How is that possible? Those were Dan’s words exactly…

In addition to the rave reviews, there is also a very comprehensive sizing guide and a product warranty.

Still, I must admit that those things weren’t enough to win me over. But, when a $50 Lululemon gift card came my way (thanks, Bliss Connect!), I bit the bullet and paid the extra $8 + $4 in shipping.

Road ID

Last week, I read a post by Ashley of “Healthy Ashley” about a horrible bicycling accident she was in. She laid unconscious on the ground for 10 minutes before someone found her. Even then, she didn’t have an ID, so there was no real way to identify her.

Fortunately, Ashley had her phone and someone was able to call her husband. She has since undergone an emergency surgery and is on her way to recovery, albeit with months of strenuous rehabilitation.

Although it is a scary story, it has helped me realize the importance of carrying identification when I work out. That’s why I went online and finally ordered the Road ID, I’ve looked at multiple times in the past.

No excuses!

Updated: Road ID offered me a $1 coupon to pass along. Just enter “ThanksEmily8826427” when completing a purchase!

Drying Rack

I have a little love-hate relationship with doing the laundry. I actually really enjoy folding clothes (weird, right?), but the frugal side of me hates feeding the washer with quarters.

Brilliantly, Dan’s mom bought us a drying rack. Now I save a good $1.50 a week! Wheeee!

This Quote…

Questions: What do you think is worth talking about this week?


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