It goes fast

While I was in the grocery store on Monday, I overheard a brief conversation between an elderly man and a young mother, who was pushing her baby in the shopping cart.

At first, I noticed the twinge of sadness in the man’s voice as he explained that his wife had died and is now buried on the Pacific Coast. Patiently, the young mother listened to his story. Then, the man’s mood lightened and he said with definite sincerity, “This is the time of your life. Enjoy it because it goes fast.”

As this was all going on, I was standing a few feet away, scanning the shelf for a can of diced green chiles. Yet, I couldn’t help but be struck by how powerful the man’s words were. It got me thinking…

This is the one time in life that Dan and I will be newlyweds. We will never get this time back. And, it is going fast — Dan and I have already been married for two months!

In those two months, though, we’ve made so many new memories.

We went on an incredible honeymoon.

I’ll always remember all the fun we had on our whirlwind cruise through the Bahamas. We ate a ton of great food, spent some great time lounging on the boat and went on some very cool adventures. I even went snorkeling for my first — and second — time!

I’ll also always remember trying to chase after the fish and all the fun that Dan made of me. We were just so happy to spend time together!

We continued to get our first place set up.

So far, the transition has been very seamless — seriously! We both help out around the house and are willing to pick up some extra work when the other one’s busy.

There is nothing better than coming home to Dan every night. I’ll always remember getting to spend relaxing nights alone with just Dan, Tracker and me. Speaking of which…

We got Tracker.

I feel like Tracker’s been in our lives for so much longer than six weeks. She just makes our family seem so much more complete!

I’ll always remember these days of our “little family.”

We were both in college at the same time.

I do NOT feel like I’ve been in college long enough to be a senior. It’s flown by!

At the same time, I’ve grown so much in the past three years and I really, really do feel confident to take on “the real world,” come graduation this spring. In the meantime, I’m trying to soak this time up.

I’ll always remember the one year when Dan and I were both college students at the same time. Life is only going to get crazier from here on out, so I’ll always be thankful for this time, when things are “simple.”

And those are just the big memories we’ve made in the first two months of marriage. It’s exciting to think of all the many, many memories to come!

Question: What recent events do you think you’ll always remember?


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