Living for the day

Did you know that I’m actually pretty decent at golf?

Probably not, because I haven’t gone for the past two summers.

Although time is a factor, the main thing that’s prevented me from playing is that my clubs are back at my parents’ house. Dan and I keep saying that we want to play together and I assure him that I’ll get the clubs when I’m home.

Then, I never end up doing it. I just keep pushing it off and waiting for “the next time.”

But, if I continue to live like that — whether it’s in regard to golfing or anything else — then opportunities will pass me by. And, eventually, there will be no “next time.”

Unfortunately, this realization is partially due to a family health scare that is going on right now. One of my aunts is very sick with a staph infection that has traveled to her lungs. Although no one can every truly be ready for tragedy, I think my family’s had its share for a while.

But, fate isn’t a decision we can make. We have to understand it’s all in God’s hands.

It’s bad to feel helpless in a situation such as this, but the best I can do is come away from it with a bit of perspective… Which leads me back to living every day as if it’s my last.

Rather, in the words of author Wayne Dyer…

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.”

Questions: What do you keep putting off? What would you do if it was your last day?


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