Back to Michigan

Last night, I set my alarm for the earliest time it’s seen in a while: 5:45 a.m.

There was good reason for it, though. I had to head to Kansas City, catch a flight to Minneapolis and then end at my destination of Lansing, Michigan!

I snoozed on the first flight, but got fuel to get me through the second…

[Insert skim latte here.]

Lunch also gave me a little boost, as did reading trashy magazines about trashy celebrities.

Consumed: Wheat crackers, mozzarella cheese and an apple. Kashi bar later to round it out.

Then, by 3:30 eastern time, I was in Michigan. Easy as that!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the sunny greeting I expected.

I was like, “Hello, Michigan? I gave you nine years of my life and this is what you greet me with?”

Fortunately the greeting at our friends’ house was a little warmer.

There were pizza slices, cookies, cups of sangria… and some greens for good measure. Evens out, right?

It was also great to meet up with my mom, sister and sister’s friend. With family + old family friends, it was a grand ol’ time.

Ok, now it’s time for bed. Can’t tell which, but either the runner’s high from five-miles around the lake or the sangria is wearing off.



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