Worth talking about Wednesday, 10/5

Does it finally feel like fall in your area or what? I am loving the nonexistent humidity and cooler temperatures — although I’m not quite ready for it to get downright cold.

Now, time for this week’s round of what is worth talking about!


I consider myself a pretty clean person, but there are still times when this instant shampoo comes in handy.

I love this variety because it is cheap and effective! Plus, it doesn’t have any crazy, weird smells that conflict with whatever else I may be using to cover up. After using the spray and brushing my hair out, it’s perfect for…

Fishtail braids

I’ve been looking for ways to mix up my hair routines for a while now and fishtail braids are one of my favorite ways to do it — it’s like a more sophisticated French braid.

The good news is that it isn’t all that complicated, either.

First, separate your hair into two equally-sized sections.

Then, take a small section from one side…

Cross that section over and add it to the other side.

Now, repeat on the other side by taking a different, small section out and adding it to the first side. Repeat all the way down, taking smaller sections with each turn.

Fall break camping in Arkansas

Next Monday and Tuesday mark our official fall break. But, because I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get a whole six days off!

To celebrate, Dan, Tracker and I are going to head down to Arkansas for a few days of camping, hiking and relaxing. Then, the break finishes strong with Dan’s birthday, which is next Tuesday!

I know we’ll have a great time in Arkansas, too — we had a blast when we were down there last spring break!

National Taco Day

October 4 was National Taco Day — and we celebrated in this house!

I love tacos, because they are easy to adapt for Dan and myself. I go with black beans and he rolls with lean beef. We use the same toppings and both come our winners!

Lilly Pulitzer

I love a touches of vintage or mod fashion — and no brand does it better than Lilly Pulitzer! I could seriously swoon over the collection all day long…

If only the dresses didn’t run an average of $280. I can dream, right?

Question: What’s worth talking about to you this week?

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