25 things to do before I’m 25

My 21st birthday is coming up relatively soon (39 days, but who’s counting?) and it has gotten me thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in the longer-yet-still-relatively-soon future.

For the sake of parallelism, here are 25 things I want to do before I’m 25.

1. Run a marathon.

I have three half-marathons under my belt, but my ultimate goal is to cross the finish line after 26.2 miles.

2. Live in another state… Again.

3. Get content published in a national magazine.

4. Build a wardrobe of well-tailored clothes.

5. Take Dan to Michigan.

6. Practice yoga more regularly, as in once a week.

7. Get another sewing machine.

8. Go back to Europe — and speak more German.

It was such a gift to spend two months in Germany, spending time with my host family and speaking the language regularly. Unfortunately, since being back in the States, I haven’t had as many opportunities to practice my Deutsch.

9. Own a house.

10. Plant my own garden.

The basil on my balcony doesn’t count…

11. Do a triathlon.

12. Volunteer more.

13. Get more involved with a church.

14. Master baking a layered cake.

My sister and I made one, very admirable attempt at this last Fourth of July. But, it would be sad to be a “master” after only one try, right?

15. Surprise someone with a great gift.

16. Continue putting money into savings.

17. Go on an impulsive vacation.

18. Visit Napa Valley and go wine tasting.

My favorite “field trip” out of my time in Germany was definitely the wine-tasting tour we went on. I loved learning more about the process and testing out small samples.

19. Explore culinary school options.

20. Go skiing in Colorado.

21. Hike one (or two!) 14’ers in Colorado.

22. Go back to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

23. Learn how to make at least one good Indian dish.

24. Counsel young women with eating disorders.

25. Continue to find ways to show my family how much I love and appreciate them.

Now, this is a tall order for me to accomplish in four years and 39 days. I think the real point is that it’s not about crossing every small detail off of some list… Rather, I want to constantly keep moving, learning and bettering myself.

Questions: What do you want to accomplish in the relatively near future? What major goals have you already achieved?


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