Gone camping

Tracker is super confused right now.

All she sees are boxes, random piles and duffel bags.

What she doesn’t understand that this is all with good reason: We are going camping and she even gets to come along!

To prep for our adventure, Dan and I made a quick trip to Walmart tonight — because, what better way to get ready for a camping trip in Arkansas than go to Walmart, right?

Last time we went camping we went out for dinner every night, so we didn’t have to plan as thoroughly. This time, however, we will be doing all of our cooking at the campsite. Most restaurants frown on dogs, even in Arkansas.

To ease a little of the cooking anxiety, I made a big batch of peanut butter and berry muffins to snack on for breakfasts and lunches.

That means Dan and I just have to deal with three campfire dinners. Right now, I’m looking at it as a fun challenge, but we’ll see what I have to say after the fact!

While I’m away, regularly scheduled posts will continue. Check back and enjoy your weekend!

Question: Do you have any favorite camping meals?


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