Scenes from camping

I understand that it can be hard for people to believe that camping is really fun. I mean, by its very nature, camping is a hard sell: collecting wood for fires, showering in communal stalls and sleeping on less than ideal surfaces. But, dwelling on those kinds of things isn’t the point.

Nope. The real point of going camping is…

During our three days in Ozark National Park in Arkansas, Dan and I explored local trails, jumped in the (cold) river and relaxed by our campfire. I could explain in more detail, but I think the pictures do a better job.

After our hike, Tracker had one way to cool off.

Dan and I had another…

Even though we cooked all of our meals at the campsite, we drove to the nearest town — Ozark, 30 minutes away — to explore around a bit more.

But, we made sure to get back before dark to grill up some food!

After dinners, we added more wood to the fire, sat back and enjoyed the night air.

On the last day, we packed up the camp, took a few family photos and went out for a farewell hike.

Although we came home a little stinky and a little gross, it was definitely worth all the fun we had!

Camping: Yay or nay?


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