Iron, the most precious metal

I’m almost embarrassed to say that Dan and I hadn’t taken Tracker to the Lawrence dog park before yesterday. It’s not as though we don’t give her plenty of exercise — we just haven’t taken the time to drive across town.

Now that we’ve been, though, I can say that we’ll find more time to go back. The park is an absolute paradise for Tracker!

Dan did have to give her a little pep talk when we first got to the park…

Then she was off to make new friends and explore new areas!

Eventually, all the running wore her out. Success.

(Love that picture.)

After having one week off, Dan had to go back to work on Saturday, which meant I was on my own. Fortunately, there was a major event going on…

Throughout the year, Dan’s hometown has a population of about 3,500. But, during the third weekend of October, Baldwin booms for the Maple Leaf Festival.

For further evidence about how big the celebration is for Baldwin: There are two billboards on both sides of town that advertise for the festival year round.

Today, I headed out to the festival with one of my friends. I was kind of bummed that Dan couldn’t go. However, I justified it by saying that he’s gone to the festival plenty during his life and going with one of my girlfriends meant we got to gawk at the craft booths a lot longer.

I ended up walking away with a cute clock pendant necklace and homemade birdhouse. My friend and I also split some delicious caramel apple slices — probably the highlight of the day.

I was also glad to see how well the festival was doing, largely thanks to the fantastic weather. The whole event brings great business to Baldwin, which I totally support!

After looking through all the booths, chatting and snacking, my friend and I ultimately spent six hours downtown. I guess we just enjoyed walking around — which got me thinking about how different it was than last year when I went the day after my first half-marathon. Suffice it to say I didn’t think walking around was quite as fun that day.

Once I got thinking about the race, I thought about how much my running has improved since then.

On the day of that race, I was still medically anemic and my endurance was practically non-existent, even after months of training.

Now, thanks to supplements of iron + vitamin C and vitamin B-12, I have so much more energy! Not only have I gone on to run two (better) half-marathons, but I’ve also PR’ed in the 5K. Goes to show how much the body really relies on iron to facilitate the delivery of oxygen to muscles!

Unfortunately, iron deficiency is relatively common among women. The reason I say this is “unfortunate” is because it’s very, very easy to deal with. I feel so much better now that my iron is back to healthy levels.

Questions: Do you know whether your iron levels are good? Does your hometown have any fun festivals?


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