Marian’s decision

So far, it’s been a wonderful weekend — and I attribute it to this.

My sister was in town for her tour of the University of Kansas. She and I were both born and raised to be KU fans, so it wasn’t a hard sell on the University’s behalf. Still, she had considered options other than the University — until this weekend when she made her final decision…

And now I’m happy to say that she will officially be joining me in Lawrence! Rock Chalk!

After she had a tour of the journalism school (she wants to go for advertising, while I’m majoring in news and information), we headed for the semi-annual Kansan softball game.

Although the competition is pretty fierce, for most of us “softball,” means standing around and cheering for whoever is up to bat or made a great catch.

(I’ll let it be known that I went up to bat once and hit the ball. The fact that it was a pop-up and was caught before I got to base is insignificant.)

Even though Marian will spend her college years on the other team (“addies” as the advertising staff is known), she fit right in with us newsies. Maybe there is hope for her yet…

After the game, Marian and I swung by a restaurant to see my dad and uncle, who was visiting from Kansas City. Then, Marian split off to see one of her friends who is a “real” KU student while I met up with the Kansan staff again for dinner.

I don’t know what exactly she meant about me not being a real student… But the husband and crazy dog might have something to do with it.

Oh well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On Saturday, Marian and my dad went on a tour of the rest of campus. I met up with them later for lunch before they took off back for Nebraska. It was definitely a quick trip, but I was so glad to see them while I could!

Now Dan’s back home and the weekend continues to get better — he’s off work tomorrow, which give us a full day to ourselves!


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