Sunny Sunday

Before going to sleep last night, Dan and I discussed what our ideal Sunday would look like. He finally had a day free of work and school β€” we were determined to take advantage. What we came up with was pretty simple: sleep in, sip coffee outside and go on a good bike ride.

We started the next morning off on the right foot by sleeping in until 10:30. Seriously glorious.

Then, Dan put on a pot of coffee while I made us breakfast. Eggs in a blanket for him and easy orchard apples for me. (<< throwback post!)

Brunch al fresco!

Then it was time for the real show: We drove out to Ottawa, 40 minutes south of Lawrence, and hopped on the Prairie Spirit Bike Trail.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a ride. The sun was out and there was a gentle breeze that was a little stubborn on the way south, but helped us on the way back.

The only way it could have been better was if the leaves actually changed shades this year. Because it’s been a dry fall, the leaves have transitioned straight from being green to being on the ground… But, now I’m just getting picky.

We rode eight miles out to the small town of Princeton, took a quick water break and headed back. Personally, I’d rather have the wind at our backs on the way back like it was: It took us 43 minutes to cover the first eight miles, but only 38 minutes on the way back.

Now we are back home, settling down for a lovely night of homework. I suppose the fun had to end at some point…

First, a new topic!

Calories don’t know how to tell time

Last month, I assisted the campus health center’s registered dietician in talking to classes of freshmen. The basic goal was to clear up some misconceptions about health, such as the freshmen 15, while providing information about the resources on campus.

At the end of each session, we opened the floor up to questions. During multiple meetings, students had questions about one topic: Is it bad to eat late at night?

Each time the question was asked, the R.D. asked the rest of the students whether they thought it is unhealthy to eat later at night. The vast majority of answered by saying yes.

The R.D. was then quick to explain that, no, it can be perfectly fine to snack later at night. In fact, she said that if students are up studying for hours after dinner, they probably need a snack to keep from getting shaky. The trick is to just make sure those snacking calories fit into the daily total.

For example, if someone should consume 2,000 calories a day, but have allotted for a 200 calorie snack by only eating 1,800 calories previously in the day, then it will do absolutely no damage if those extra 200 calories are consumed after hours.

Questions: What do you think? Do you know of any other nutrition myths?

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3 responses to “Sunny Sunday

  • Sara @ The Foodie Diaries

    1. I’ve missed your posts! I feel like I have so much to catch up on since I’ve been in RI.
    2. I love that you’re addressing eating myths! One of my friend’s is convinced that since she wants to lose weight, all she has to do is stop eating for a week and she’ll drop 10 pounds. I’ve tried to explain to her over and over again that it doesn’t work that way!!!
    3. Hope you’re enjoying your newlywed life πŸ™‚


  • Vanessa

    I agree. I know it’s not great to eat late at night, but a calorie is a calorie whenever you eat it!

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    […] like this, I could use some quality time with Dan β€” no books allowed. We were so lucky to have last Sunday together, but it seems as though we’ve been going in different directions this whole week. […]

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