Worth Talking About Wednesday, 11/2

It had to happen sooner or later: The 70-degree temperatures and clear skies have given way to hard freezes and slush.

I’ll be the first to admit that the coming season is not my favorite of the year, but there are still a few things to look forward to!


I don’t know where the song came from, because in my book, November is the most wonderful time of the year. First, my birthday happens to be in less than two weeks. Then, Thanksgiving rolls around and I get to spend time with family, minus the stress that usually accompanies Christmas.

Fall Fashion

A little late to the punch, I know. But, I finally get to dress for fall! That means tights, sweaters and scarves. I would say boots, but I wear those all through the year.

Tracker’s Popularity

It would be a sad day when my dog get’s mail and I don’tif it wasn’t for the fact that the card was so cute.

It was a special treat from Chauncy, Dan’s parents’ dog.

Along with it, Tracker also got a new light-up clip for her collar so that we can run with her at night.

Brownies from Oh She Glows

These brownies are insane. Trust me. Dan and I went through a whole batch last week. Plus, with simple, wholesome ingredients they are all-around winners. (Note: I went with the vegan variety.)

Another winner from Oh She Glows!

American Horror Story

On one of our lazy nights last week, Dan and I caught an episode of American Horror Story on FX. I was immediately hooked! The weird thing is that I’m not usually a big horror fan. With this show, there is a perfect balance of intrigue and chills. Plus, they actually solve small mysteries each episode unlike some other shows. (Cough, LOST, cough.)

Can’t wait to see where it goes!

What do you think is worth talking about this week?


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