Goals of 17-year-old me

In the distant past that was my senior year of high school, I tried to compose a list of the 100 things I wanted to accomplish in life. After a few days of adding to the list, I had only come up with 46 goals. But, what it lacked in quantity, I think it makes up for in quality — Especially four years later, when I can look back and see what I’ve accomplished, what I continue to dream of and what I now think is obsolete.

  • Graduate from the University of Kansas. Just a few more months until  (knock on wood) this goal is accomplished.
  • Work for a non-governmental organization in a developing country. Not something I’m really interested in at this point.
  • Get my law degree. Decided not to pursue this a few years ago.
  • Marry a man who makes me laugh, smile and feel good. He must also be a hard-worker who values the things I do. Must be attractive — to me! I’m even luckier in this aspect than I ever thought possible. 

  • Have four or five children. Ask me how I feel about this in a few years…
  • Have a career as a political correspondent. My interest in politics has faded, while my passion for health has grown. 
  • Be able to see my parents and sister whenever I need to. I am so excited to have my sister in town next year, but I hope to be even closer to my parents some day. Nonetheless, I can still see them whenever I really need to. Three hours isn’t a bad drive!
  • Travel to all seven continents. Since writing this list, I’ve checked one (Europe) off this list. Still more to go. And, yes, I want to step foot on Antarctica!
  • Run a marathon. Working my way toward this goal, thanks to three half-marathons. It’s still a big jump up to a full marathon and I’m not quite ready for that commitment yet. 
  • Write a book. This is a major goal for me to accomplish… Some day.
  • Meet a president of the United States. Preferably John Kennedy. I’ll wait for them to invent time travel.
  • Go sky diving. This isn’t too high on my list. 
  • Keep in touch with old friends. Done this pretty well so far. I think a testament to that is the fact that four of my bridesmaids were friends from high school. 

  • Speak to a crowd larger than 10,000 people. If I interpret this loosely, it could be a goal of getting 10,000 hits on my blog.
  • Visit all 50 states. I mostly need to hit up the northeast and Hawaii. 
  • Go backpacking. Dan and I plan on hiking a 14-er in Colorado next summer, so that will check this off the list!
  • Make very little money. Uhm, life right now.
  • Make a lot of money. The real goal is just to be financially stable and comfortable.
  • Truly impact someone’s life. This difficulty with this goal is that I would never necessarily know if it’s accomplished. 
  • Continue to have and grow in faith with God. With four more years of life, I’ve had four more years of ups and downs. Through it all, I think my faith has grown, but there is still room.
  • Not eat chocolate for a whole year. Did this during 2009, but I don’t know if it’s something to be proud of. 
  • Really develop an art skill. With no real skills, I don’t know what will happen with this.
  • Teach aerobics. I don’t know if I still want to teach aerobics, but I would like to teach some kind of fitness class or lead a group.
  • Be able to speak another language and have the chance to use it. Definitely tested this during my summer of studying abroad. I lived with a host family, so I spoke a lot of German!

  • Don’t drink any alcohol on my 21st birthday. Ask me about this next week, but it’s still a goal… Although Tuesday is a free-for-all!
  • Find a cause that I can be truly passionate about. Check! I am really passionate about health and body confidence. 
  • Be comfortable in my own skin. I wouldn’t check this off the list quite yet, but I’ve definitely improved since I wrote this list.
  • Learn how to dance a variety of dances. Don’t really know what I was thinking when I wrote this.
  • Be on national television or write for a national publication. Still hope for this.
  • Be able to make the perfect batch of cookies at any time. I have a few different versions that would satisfy this goal.
  • Figure out how to spend a lot of time with my family and balance a career. I would say this is more important to me now than it was when I wrote it. I now have a better appreciation for family.
  • Sew a quilt. I request a sewing machine first.
  • Go scuba diving. I went snorkeling on the honeymoon, which is kind of a cop-out. Who has time to take scuba lessons while living in Kansas?
  • Write handwritten letters every once in a while. I need a reminder to do this. 
  • Read the whole bible. I’ve made more progress and lost track of what I’ve actually read. But, I am closer!
  • Play with a monkey. Why isn’t this No. 1?
  • Go to Austria and Ireland. My dad’s family is purely Irish while my mom’s is primarily Austrian. For those reasons, I always wanted to see where my ancestors came from. I crossed Austria off the list when I was studying abroad.

  • Tell someone what I truly think of them. I make this goal happen every time I tell Dan, “I love you.” Cheesy, but true!
  • Go surfing. Maybe when I visit Hawaii!
  • Storm chase and actually see a tornado. Living in Nebraska, storm chasing was out weekend entertainment during high school. I’m thankful that a tornado never caused destruction close to where I live, but I’d still like to see a “live one” out in a field. 
  • Come up with an original recipe. Check, check, check x 100.
  • Backpack across a foreign country. I feel better doing this in the future, knowing that Dan would go along with me. Although, I don’t know how I feel about hostels or other cheap sleeping options.
  • Have the “right thing” to say. I can be an awkward person… But I’ve (probably) gotten better. What does that tell you? 
  • Be able to tell a really good joke. Don’t know if I am the best judge of this — I think all my jokes are pretty funny.
  • Go dancing in the rain. We’ll see about this.
  • “Talk” with someone who speaks another language without the ability to translate. Just understand them on a human level. Obviously I was getting kind of desperate by this point. But, I still think it’s a cool concept.
Questions: What were your goals four or five years ago? How have they changed? What have you accomplished?

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