Five things

So thankful it is the weekend right now — especially because it is this weekend.

See, Dan and I have been looking forward to this weekend since September, when we won a stay at a lake cabin for 10. We were able to organize it so that eight of our closest friends can go out there for a night of hanging out, relaxing and maybe celebrating my birthday. (It’s Monday, no big deal.)

Right now, we are in preparation mode. On the to-do list: grocery shopping, packing and putting together some food to feast on. In the meantime, I thought this would be to share a list of five things you might not know about me.

1. I never got a “hair cut” (only trims) until after I graduated high school.

I used to pride myself on the fact that I never had more than one inch cut from my hair at the time. But, by the time I graduated high school, it was time for a change. So, two days after graduation, I got 14 inches chopped off and donated to Locks of Love.

2. I moved across the country in the middle of high school.

I lived in Ohio from fourth grade until the middle of my sophomore year, when my family uprooted again to move to Nebraska. Although it was challenging, I made some really, really great friends in Nebraska and was able to stay friends with some really, really great people in Ohio.

3. I started doing hurdles before seventh grade.

During high school, my athletic life basically revolved around hurdles. I conditioned all throughout the winter, competed all through the spring and even did cross-country just to keep in shape. The 100-meter race was my absolute favorite.

4. I used to model for Limited Too.

Sorry, no picture of this. The Limited company is based out of Ohio, so I somehow got into modeling for the national catalogs. It was fun for me, because I basically got to play dress up and get paid.

Note: I just read that all “Limited Too” stores switched over to “Justice” stores. Weird!

5. I started school when I was four years old.

In Michigan, the cut-off date for school is December, so I was able to squeeze by. Still, I have always been the youngest in my classes and went to college when I was 17. I’ve always liked being young for my grade, but my mom used to second-guess her decision to send me so soon.

Question: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Note: This was previously titled “Seven Things,” but then I got lazy. Sorry… Have a great weekend!


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