I am a college student, but I hope to be more than “just a college student.” For that matter, I strive to be more than anything that “just fill-in-the-blank” would be adequate in describing.

I am a runner, a vegetarian, a culinary explorer, a wife, a writer, a researcher, a reader, a friend, a daughter, an adventurer, a yogi, a… each term describes me, yet no single term defines me. That’s just the way a like it.

Nothing in life is a given. It is a personal decision to choose health. Choose passion. Choose happiness.

If that’s not quite enough explanation for you, here are a few more details…

I come from a very active family with a love for exercise and good food — Things I used to take for granted. When I got to college, however, I became very preoccupied with working out and eating healthfully. Ultimately, I surpassed healthfulness and became rather unhealthy. Needing to get my health back on track, I went through a few months of nutritional and psychological therapy. These were some of the lowest times of my life, but the health I now have is an incredible reward.

These days I am loving (most) every moment of my life. I am blessed with inspirational friends, a supportive family and the best husband in the world.

Oh, guess what? I also love to cook, bake and eat — So, if you ever do any of those things, read on.


Contact me with questions, comments or awesome fun facts at:



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