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Birthday excuses

Let’s be serious here. Birthdays are great excuses for just about anything. Unless you’re an air traffic controller or surgeon. In those cases, you probably shouldn’t say, “It’s my birthday, so I get to drink on the job.”

Because I am neither of those two things, I think I got away with a good amount of stuff…

1. It’s my birthday, so I shouldn’t have to go to school.

Fortunately, I don’t have Monday classes this semester, so I didn’t have to play hookey. I enjoyed waking up with Dan before he went into class and then heading back to bed for some laziness with Tracker.

Perfect start to the morning.

2. It’s my birthday, so I should postpone homework as long as possible.

Rather than immediately finishing up a project, I continued my low-key morning with a run. (<<Birthday tradition!)

After that, I put on my new pair of boots, which is a perfect gift from my parents, even though I didn’t have anywhere to go.

So in love!

3. It’s my birthday, so I can have whatever I want to eat.

For breakfast, that meant hot oats in a jar of nearly finished chocolate-peanut butter. For lunch, it was a raspberry + chocolate protein powder smoothie, which was served up in a new tumbler from my sister-in-law!

4. It’s my birthday, so I can have coffee at any time of the day.

Honestly, having an afternoon cup of coffee was just an excuse to use a new mug from my sister.

Coffee + presidents = two of my favorite things!

A little while later, there was a knock at the door.

5. It’s my birthday, so I can brag about having the best husband in the world.

It was my ideal bouquet: sunflowers, greens and autumn foliage. So beautiful!

6. It’s my birthday, so it’s fine to go out on the town.

Dan finally got home from school in the afternoon, so the real celebration was able to begin.

When Dan asked where I wanted to go to dinner a few days ago, I decided on a whim that I wanted to try out Seasons 52, a new restaurant in Kansas City.

The concept is that the menu is seasonally, locally based. The bulk of the offerings change four times a year — with each season. There are also specials that change every week in reflection with the farmers’ market offerings.

Dan summed it up by saying, “This is your kind of restaurant!”

We scanned the menu, but the drink list caught my eye. I know that I said I wasn’t going to drink, but…

7. It’s my birthday, so I can change my mind.

Really, I weighed the pros and cons and decided I had nothing to prove. I’ve challenged myself before and it’s really not worth it.

So, I went with a skinny raspberry + chocolate martini. It was delicious, but I couldn’t make it through the whole thing!

Honestly, the food was the highlight of the meal.

I had a sampler plate with roasted vegetables, hoisin-glazed tofu and the best tabbouleh ever.

To round the meal out, Dan and I each finished with two-bite desserts. Pumpkin pie for him…

And an incredible peanut butter + chocolate mousse cake for me.

Honestly, Dan and I were both blown away by the restaurant. The selection was great, the food was incredible and the service was truly great. Consider it officially recommended!

Now, it’s still my birthday, so I’m off to enjoy the rest of the evening with my man and girl. So far, it’s good to be 21.



It’s November 14, 2011. I am officially 21 years old.

Not like there was a whole lot of doubt that I would make it to this mark, but it certainly seemed far away for a long time. I’m mostly excited about being able to go to some of the places from which I was previously barred. (Pun is so intended.)

A week full of fun plans kicked off this Saturday with a stay at Acorn’s Resort in northern Kansas. Back in September, Dan and I won a voucher for a cabin and we immediately started making plans for a party. Fortunately, eight of our closest friends were free for the night and willing to join us for a free mini-vacation. Tracker even got to come along!

Although Dan and I had toured a similar cabin back in September, we were impressed all over again to see our accommodations!

The cabin had five bedrooms, a full kitchen, leather couches and two flat-screen TVs. Definitely acceptable.

A little while after Dan and I got to the cabin, my friend Katelyn, who lives back in Lincoln, arrived. She and I quickly changed and took Tracker out for a great trail run. Fortunately, I still remembered the route from the 5K, so we stuck to that.

By the time we got back and showered up, pretty much everyone else had arrived. The boys got to work on the dinner — brats, hamburgers and veggie burgers — while the girls found some other ways to keep occupied.

[Sorry, Scott. You’re not a girl.]

After dinner was served and consumed, it was time for some homemade cookie cake. I would be embarrassed to admit that I made my own cake — but it was so dang good, I’m fine with taking credit.

I made Mama Pea’s chocolate chip cookie cake, but took it over the top by finishing it with my cookie dough frosting.

The rest of the night was devoted to having fun with friends.

We also played a countless number of card games. I caught Dan in the middle of Indian poker.

Everyone stayed up late laughing and chatting except for Tracker, who was turned into a big baby when 10 o’clock rolled around.

The next morning, everyone got up in time to enjoy some pancakes. I mixed up these dry ingredients at home and combined it with milk, the flax-seed mixture and vanilla at the cabin.

Pancakes all around!

Then we got everything back in place, cleaned up and packed up. We hit the road just before noon with enough time for a last group picture.

Now Dan, Track and I are back home. I would feel a little bit more disappointed that this weekend is over, because we’ve been looking forward to it for so long. But, there is still a lot of fun to come this week and I’m equally excited to see what’s ahead!

Question: What did you do for your 21st birthday?