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Save beer, drink water

I don’t know whether it was more natural curiosity or greediness (I beg curiosity), but I always wanted to try my parents food and drinks when I was growing up.

Generally they were pretty accommodating, particularly since I was a picky eater and my mom was always looking for new foods to add to my “OK’d” list.

One day, when I was six or seven, my dad was sipping on a cold drink. I didn’t know what it was, but if he liked it, then I wanted to try it

To my surprise, my dad said I couldn’t drink any. He explained that it was a bottle of beer and contained alcohol.

I still struggling to see the problem with this, so my dad offered to let me dip my finger in and have a small taste.

“Eww,” I thought, as my face surely scrunched up. From that moment on, I never had any desire to drink beer.

Fast forward to now. Over the course of the last six weeks, I’ve gone on both wine-tasting and schnapps-tastings field trips. I’ve also been to innumerable “Biergartens.”

Although I would rather spend my days hiking in the Alps or shopping around Munich, I’ve still made an attempt to appreciate the alcohol lessons.

Last night was the final of our guide-led tours, with a visit to “Brauerei Aying.”

Even with a limited interest in beer, I was still interested to learn the process behind making it.

Our guide was a fifth-generation brewer, so it was nice to see someone with as strong of a passion for drink as I have for food.

Near the end of our tour through the factory, we all got to sample some unfiltered beer, fresh off the line.

For the sake of jumping on the bandwagon, I had three-or-so sips.

After that, we wrapped up the tour with a trippy 3D movie and then progressed on to the main event: Beer sampling.

I was feeling pretty content with the three sips I had earlier, so I was pleased to learn that Ayinger also bottles lemonade drinks. Now that is more my style.

While most of the other students “tested out” all the different varieties of beer, I was content to sip on my “Orangen Limonade.”

Plus, my “main event” still waited: Dinner at “Liebhard’s,” the official Biergarten of Aringer.

I’ve heard the logic that beer is simply “liquid bread.” If that’s the case, I’ll gladly bypass it for the real, chewy edible kind of bread.

Since I hear that living solely on pretzels isn’t a socially appropriate thing to do, I opted to get a veggie omelette with a side-salad.

After the two-hour tour of the factory, it was nice to sit down, relax and sip on an Apfelschorle.

All in all, I think I will go back to America with a greater appreciation for the art of beer making. But, I’ll also be glad to get back to my plain ol’ tap water.

Question: What is your drink of choice?

I really like the sugar-free lemonade or tea packets that can be added to bottled water. I’ve found that’s the best way for me to actually stay hydrated.