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Is it too soon to say that I am in love?

I mean, I’ve only known this significant other for a few hours. And, yet, I am head over heels.

So, I’m just going to admit it: This is iLove.

I was perfectly content with my old phone. At least I thought.

I had it for two years and it never really did me wrong. But, when we were out one day, a new phone caught my eye — and I just couldn’t get it off my mind. It’s not like my old phone was bad. This new phones is just so… good.

I would feel more guilty about it, but there are so many (free) apps that help my stay healthy. My old phone just didn’t offer those kinds of things. Here are a few apps that I am already in iLove with…


One of my dietician friends at the University actually recommended the fooducate app to me. Naturally, I trust her judgment, so I instantly downloaded it. Basically, the app allows me to scan the bar code or search for any product at the grocery store. Then it reports a nutritional grade (A+, A, A-, B+, etc.) that was determined by nutritionists. There are also tidbits of miscellaneous, relevant information about the product as well as alternatives.

For example, Jif Natural Peanut butter is graded a “B.” The information says that “natural” is an unregulated term. As for alternatives, Trader Joe’s Creamy, Salted Peanut Butter is scored at an A-.


I like Epicurious on the Internet, but it is even more valuable on my iPhone. This is partially because I can pull up random recipes on-the-go. It also allows me to search by ingredients, courses, cuisines, dietary considerations, etc.

But, honestly, the best attribute is the shopping list that it allows me to write. I seem to have 10 different shopping lists going at once, so it will help to have them all in one place.


I’ve wanted a Garmin for-ev-uh. But (although I still kind of do) the RunKeeper app should help me get by in the meantime. That’s because, there is a whole GPS built into it that should track my route, show my pace and give me a ton of fun stats. I haven’t tested it out yet, but it seems to have a lot of potential.


This isn’t a health app, per say. But, Instagram is pretty cool because it’s a simple photo editor that also makes it super simple to upload photos to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Case and point: You may have seen this little gem on my Twitter earlier today.

Now, the only question is: How did I get by for so long without the iPhone?

Question: How old is your phone? If you have an iPhone, what are your favorite apps?