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Confidence boosting creativity

The apples I drew in art class always turned out more like basketballs. My experience with music is limited to the keyboard in fifth grade and the back row of middle school choir.

I would dare say I’m not artistically inclined…

But, there is one exception. In the kitchen, flavors are my palette, appliances are my paintbrushes and the plate is my canvas.

I love starting with an idea, growing it into a recipe and making it come into delicious existence.

As any real creator would know, there are the occasional failures. An artist may be unable to give justice to his vision. A musician may hit the wrong note. A cook may push the limits of taste just a little too much…

(Don’t get me started on my on-a-whim black bean brownies.)

These flops are natural. Possibly even unavoidable. It is just something to be dealt with.

Besides, all it takes is one unexpected success to make it all worth it again… even if it’s an easy combination.

Sweet and Easy Eggs

Locate and two eggs and a microwave. Carefully crack egg-whites into microwave-safe bowl. Add 1 t. water and a pinch of sugar. Stir well. Cover with paper towel and microwave on high for approximately one minute, or until eggs are pillowy and fully cooked.

Smear the warm egg with jelly. Serve with a toasted slice of whole-grain bread.

(Note: I made this while still in Germany and unable to use a full kitchen. Egg whites could be prepares on the stove top, as well.)

I think I’ll leave the paint brushes to the painters and the musical instruments to the musicians (and maybe even the metaphors to the poets).

All I need is the kitchen and my imagination to be happy.

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