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Hallo, von Deutschland!

After a two hour delay, a little jog to my international flight and eight hours of my poor rowmate suffering from food poisoning, I made it to Germany!

Throughout my life, I’ve traveled to the majority of states in good ol’ America. But, aside from a few jumps over to Canada, I’ve never been to another country. My travels through the states have kept the light of desire to explore burning fervent; there simply has never been the right time and right place to travel abroad before.

In addition to food and health, one of my other major passions is history (ask me anything about the presidents, I dare you!). With an Austrian heritage, I figured the best way I would be able to experience my own family’s history would be by immersing myself in it.

Enter studying German. I began taking German in eighth grade and continued through my junior year of high school, picking it back up in college.

Even with a good amount of knowledge of what I’m getting myself into, these first few hours have passed by as if in a dream. I feel myself walking the streets, but I hardly comprehend that I’m not looking through the screen of a TV… I’m actually here!

For the next seven weeks, this blog will take a slightly different course. Naturally, I will still attempt to live healthfully while I’m here. In doing so, I know I’ll be met with challenges, but also with new opportunities.

The blog will also feature a lot more details about travel. It’s OK, you can live vicariously through me!

Auf Weidersehen!