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What’s your line?

So, I basically checked out this weekend.

Normally, I try to get a post or two in on the weekend, but it just didn’t happen this time around. And that’s fine.

Throughout a year and a half a blogging, I’ve realized that the most interesting posts come from interesting events in life or thoughts I’m really able to articulate. That doesn’t mean I’ll really leave you guys hanging. Besides, I think the posts that follow my temporary absences are more substantial.

But, in order for any of that to come to be, I have to get out there and engage in the world — if the blog is always begging for attention, that can’t really happen. As with everything, it’s more important to find a balance.

As a blogger, I also think it’s important to think about where my personal line is. For example, my computer was definitely staying behind during our honeymoon. I am not willing to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime moments so I can rush back to the Internet. There are also days when I don’t have anything worth talking about, and I’ve come to realize it’s better to just take a day off rather than force a post. In terms of topics I’ll address, I am comfortable talking about most things relating to my life, but I won’t talk about controversial topics that could upset, offend or harm any of my family or friends.

There are also certain posts that I ask Dan to look over before I publish. Because we share so much of life, I (try to) avoid saying things that will embarrass him. (Although there are a few good-natured exceptions!)

I digress…

One of the highlights of my weekend was getting to see Kristin, who is one of my best friends and a bridesmaid, compete in her conference cross-country meet.

She goes to school up in Nebraska, but her school is in the same conference as a small college in Lawrence. By chance, this year’s conference meet was here in town. That meant a rare chance to see her — and, oh man, was it a great race to watch!

In order to qualify for the national meet in Washington, she had to finish in the top five. In typical fashion, Kristin over-achieved and got second place and a new 5K PR (19:46 — blows my mind).

I was so proud of her!

Even better, her team ended up winning the women’s conference, so they all qualify for the national meet.

Other than watching the meet, my weekend was pretty low-key.

There was time for family, time for friends and time for pancakes. That’s about all a girl needs.

Now, it’s back to the grind for another full week of classes. I must admit that I’m extra excited for this particular week to end… This time next week, you’ll be reading a 21-year-old’s blog!

Questions: If you’re a blogger, what are your personal lines? If you’re not a blogger, what do you think is/is not appropriate for bloggers to write about?