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Birthday cake debate

Hey, friends!

Right now, Dan and I should be on our way back from Arkansas. Unfortunately school starts back up tomorrow and reality is beckoning. But, we’re choosing not to think of that right now because today happens to be a very, very important day: Dan’s birthday!

I am just so thrilled to spend another year with him, having fun and going on more adventures. Although it will be hard to top all we did last year (cough, get engaged, cough, get married), I know this year will bring its own set of adventures!

Once we get back to Kansas tonight, we are going to his parents’ house for a big ol’ birthday dinner, complete with Dan’s eternally requested German’s chocolate cake.

Naturally, I still wanted to make something special for his day, so I asked if he wants me to make something other than German’s chocolate cake, because he will have had it at his parents.

Based on the expression on his face, it was almost like I had told him I was never going to bake again.

“No, you should make German’s chocolate cake, too!” he said.

So, that’s what I’ll do… German’s chocolate cake, round two!

Happy birthday, Dan!

As for me, I’m soaking up the fact that I’m married to a “much older man.” For the next month + three days, he’s 22 and I’m only 20!

Question: What kind of cake do you request for your birthday?

I am a pretty die-hard cookie cake girl. I love that I get to call it a “slice” and basically indulge in an over-sized serving of cookie!

On the other hand, I used to be slightly disappointed when I went to birthday parties where there was white, marble or ice cream cake. No thank you!