Just as with every little girl in America, I had been surrounded by fantasy images of weddings from a young age. Between watching (and re-watching and re-watching) Disney movies and scanning my mom’s wedding album, I always had a few ideas of what I wanted my own wedding to be like.

But, not even in those wildest dreams did I imagine how lucky I’d be — I married the man of more-than-my-dreams.

In fact, deciding to marry him was the easiest choice. Deciding on all the other little details was the challenge, especially considering I had never been to a wedding.

On one hand, there was the pressure to get it all right. I only get one chance to walk down the aisle, after all!

On the other hand (or rather, with Dan’s reminding), I knew that the day was going to be special no matter what.

And, guess what? It was the most incredible day ever.

Regardless of whether you’re a wedding newbie or a nuptial natural, I hope you are able to learn something from my experiences in planning.

Engagement Period



Friend’s Weddings


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